2016 Annual Journal


The annual Fire Island Synagogue Journal is an important vehicle for recognizing individuals who are or have been an integral part of our FIS family, as well as a means for our members, friends and neighbors to support the Synagogue.

We are delighted to honor Madeleine and Paul Schnell in the 2016 Fire Island Synagogue Journal. Madeleine has been a member of the Seaview community since 1967, and attended services at the Fire Island Synagogue even before the building was constructed (when services were held in private homes and High Holiday services in the Ocean Beach Community House). Madeleine is passionate about family, friends, fitness, animals – and Fire Island. To pursue her dream, Madeleine recently received a degree as a licensed veterinary technician and currently volunteers a considerable amount of time at the ASPCA. Paul was brought to Seaview by Madeleine in 1991 and immediately fell in love with everything about it. Paul has spent his entire career in the insurance business where he has been a key member of the team that built NFP into one of the world’s largest brokers. In addition, Paul is a founder and serves as the President of a not-for-profit organization called YRF Darca that currently manages one of Israel’s largest network of high schools. Together with Madeleine, Paul sits on the NY board of BirthRight Israel. Paul is also a member of the University of Michigan Campaign Council, and a member of the Board of Trustees of the Fire Island Synagogue where he sits on the finance committee. Please join us in recognizing the tremendous contribution that Madeleine and Paul Schnell are making to the Fire Island Synagogue as well as the broader Jewish and humanitarian communities.



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